Client Results & Testimonials | Reshama Deshmukh“What I hadn’t been able to achieve in nine months, I completed within a month of my first session with Jarlin!”

Before I started coaching with Jarlin, I was stuck in overwhelm and confusion as to what direction to take my company, what actions to take, and in what priority order. In just four sessions, Jarlin helped me get clear, and now I am moving full speed ahead! In less than one month, I’ve set up the company, organized a management team and aligned them to my vision, and put together a clear and prioritized plan to hire and execute.

Jarlin also coached me through my fears of failure and rejection and self-doubt. She challenged me to show up everyday and take action, and then acknowledge myself for the accomplishments I’ve made. The increase in momentum and motivation I feel makes me want to wake up every morning and jump into action!

Most importantly, I’m now able to manage my time and schedule so I can work toward something I love and maintain my personal life and priorities. Thanks to Jarlin, my work and life are truly balanced!

I’m looking forward to continuing coaching with Jarlin and seeing how things will unfold!

Reshama Deshmukh | Founder and CEO, The Candlestick Company, LLC

Client Results & Testimonials | Jonathan Tran“I always knew I had the capabilities and skills to be great, but something was holding me back…after getting clear on the WHY behind my goals, a fire was ignited and what I needed to do to get to where I want to go became crystal clear!”

Life coaching wasn’t something I sought out on my own. I’ve always considered myself a pragmatist. I took great pride in my intellect and my rationalization of myself and of the world around me. A few months ago, I was commissioned to do some graphics design work for Jarlin. I didn’t know then that this would turn out to be the most serendipitous experience I’ve ever had.

From our multiple meetings and conversations, I was intrigued and fascinated by Jarlin’s insights and perspectives on business and life. Being an open-minded person, I asked her for some advice. The subsequent coaching I received blew me away!

Over half a dozen intense multiple-hour sessions, Jarlin helped me realized that all changes have to occur from the inside out, that the mindsets and beliefs I have determine the person I am, which in turn drive my actions and results. This had enormous impact on the way I operated in life and business. The main driver behind my business also shifted from simply getting clients, to focusing on being of service and adding great value to them, and in turn forming long-term relationships that result in ongoing collaboration and referrals.

Jarlin also gave me some very practical steps to implement, around planning and putting systems in place. For the first time, I am crystal clear on what I need to do to take my business to the next level and thrive!

Life coaching isn’t for everyone. It requires you to be fully open and have the willingness to dig deep, to admit what needs to change yet at the same time accept yourself, to try out new mindsets and perspectives. But if you’re willing to embark on the journey, it’ll surely guide you toward something better than you’ve ever expected.

Jonathan Tran | Founder and Chief Designer, Jonathan Tran Designs

Client Results & Testimonials | Helen Chan“What do you say to someone who sees you for who you are, all that you are, and inspires you to be the best you? I guess you start by saying ‘Thank You!’ ”

I feel fortunate to have Jarlin as my friend and life coach. We all have our moments of weakness, of self-doubt, of uncertainty. When I get stuck in those moments, I call Jarlin. She listens with undivided attention, understands through empathy and compassion, and advices from a place of wisdom and empowerment. She is gentle yet firm, probing into the core of my issues and challenging me to examine and question my long-held beliefs – many of which I now realize were holding me back from leading a life that’s true to my values and priorities. Jarlin has helped me shift my mindset from “I can’t” and “I shouldn’t” to “why not” and “how do I start.” With her coaching, I started my first company (which designed bilingual apps for children) and am now pursuing a doctorate in clinical psychology, fulfilling a lifelong dream to help make a positive impact, one person at a time.

I highly recommend Jarlin’s coaching services to anyone seeking clarity, guidance, and support in this wonderful adventure we call life.

Helen Chan | Healthcare Professional and Doctorate of Clinical Psychology Candidate